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    Correspondence Courses

    The Floristry Training Correspondence Level 2 Course is conducted in your own environment so you will be able to work at your own speed. You will be monitored in a professional manner keeping in line with all educational syllabuses, covering informative and pictorial step by step instructions, for the construction, and presentation of all 10 units. All of your completed units will be forwarded with a witness a statement showing evidence of authenticity of your own work; this will be appraised and returned to you with a feedback report of success or working toward result. The course is ideal for persons who need to achieve a recognised knowledge for general and commercial floristry that if carefully managed will escalate and flourish into a successful business. If you want to continue to your final assessment, it will take place at the studio with a practical assessment, keeping in line with commercial timing for all pieces of work. This will complete your correspondence course and you will receive you’re well-earned in-house certificate. The certificate is presented on conclusion of your 2 day course showing evidence your professional development hours and levels of competence achieved.
    Level 3 will be conducted in the same manner.

    Download Course Documents

    Level 2 Document
    Level 3 Document

    What you need to supply

     All flowers and foliages
     Working tools, mechanics and sundries to complete each piece of work.
     A safe environment to work (In line with Health and safety regulations)

    Available if pre-ordered

     Protective apron
     Note book
     Society of Floristry Handbook
     Workbox and some tools.
     Practical sundry items are available separately or as a package.

  • Prices

    Payment plans

    The course contains 10 single units of £100 each unit.
    A 2 day final assessment at the Studio for £300.

    Discount Options

    • Purchase all 10 units for £800 20% discount).
    • One off payment to cover all 10 units + 2 day final assessment for £1,000 (23% discount).
  • Content

    What the course includes

    • Welcome meeting held at the studio at an arranged time and date, suitable for both parties.
    • How to prepare and present a portfolio of your work.
    • Chance to familiarise yourself with the course program.
    • An opportunity to purchase any sundries to exclude pp at your welcome meeting.
    • All distance learning correspondence papers for each unit purchased.
    • File to hold all unit assignments as completed.
    • Written introduction to each piece of work.
    • List of required of materials and alternatives for each piece of work, Method of instruction, including some pictorial information.
    • Principles of design for each piece of work.
    • Working information for health and safety requirements.
    • Marking criteria.
    • Candidates presentation sheets (This is where the photographic evidences will be added and all documentation for return of each unit ready for witness statements)
    • Personal outcome (Candidates own work appraisal for each piece of work)
    • Job sheet.
    • Trainers witness statement of achievement.
    • Guaranteed marking and return papers within two weeks of receipt.
    • Heather’s (assessor) final practical assessment of each commercial piece of work completed in the studio (if purchased)
    • Full invoice to claim tax allowance.

    The Welcome meeting

    Meet at the studio to sign up to your package and an introduction to your course.

    • Included in the 2 days of final assessments at the studio
    • A relaxed and welcoming Air Conditioned Studio.
    • 6 hrs in-house hands for final assessment and any update training required to complete.
    • Refreshments served through-out the day.
    • Sundries suitable for each subject assessed.
    • All flowers, materials and foliages.
    • Note pad / pen.
    • Protective garments supplied.
    • Scissors, secateurs and knives all supplied.
    • Certificate showing achievement and professional development hours.

    Phone1 Aftercare telephone contact as a life line to help with any technical or general advice.

    Camera The use of a digital still camera to take home a DVD copy of your work.

  • Purchse


    Full payment is required on booking to guarantee your place.

    Payment by cheque

    Post to:
    45, Lincolns Avenue
    Gedney Hill
    PE12 0PQ
    Please make cheques payable to: Heather Congreve

    Secure Credit Card payments through PayPal just email me for a money request invoice.