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One2One Training Course Itinerary

Below is an itinerary of floristry training subjects with an approximate commercial time allocation to complete each selected piece of work. (Only treat this as a helpful guide).

By choosing which subjects you wish to take gives an indication of the amount of time you would need for training.

When you are satisfied that the hours match your budget tick the boxes of your choice and I will create a Personal Training Program for you to follow in order of technical knowledge and practical management.

You may print the form for your own use and send a copy to me.



  Key:  Advanced subjects

Hand-tied Designs


Hand-tied preparation.  All-round hand-tied Hostess Bouquet. 40 Mins
Funeral Sheaf Traditional. 40 Mins
Funeral Sheaf Contemporary. 40 Mins
Bridal Sheaf. 40 Mins
Front facing Gift hand-tied Presentation. 30 Mins
Over the arm presentation. 30 Mins
Cascade Bridal. 30 Mins
Waterfall. 30 Mins
Textured designer Posy. 30 Mins
Victorian/ Biedermeier Hand tied. 30 Mins
Posy ( Gift hand-tied). 30 Mins
Limited line hand-tied. 30 Mins
Bridal Rose Posy (Delicate). 30 Mins
Decorative wiring /extending handle. 30 Mins
Compact Bridal Hand-tied. 30 Mins
Designer edging. 30 Mins
Wedding Flowers for Delivery. 20 Mins

Gift Wrapping
Hand-tied Bouquets many different samples. 30 Mins
Funeral Flowers  ready for delivery. 15 Mins



Wreath - Loose informal. 45 Mins
Wreath - Based formal. 60 Mins
Single-ended spray. 45 Mins
Double-ended spray. 45 Mins
Coffin Spray
(Demonstration Only).
60 Mins
Cushion/Pillow (Based design). 90 Mins
Heart (Based design). 90 Mins
Heart - Loose. 60 Mins
Posy (Based design). 60 Mins
Cross (Based design). 90 Mins
Cross - Loose. 60 Mins
Chaplet. 60 Mins
Anchor. 60 Mins
Gates of Heaven/Harp/etc. - theory only. 15 Mins
Letters ( MUM DAD) etc. 180 Mins
Designer sheets. 240 Mins

Flower arranging


Posy table arrangement. 30 Mins
Textured Posy arrangement. 45 Mins
Le-clips for top-tables. 30 Mins
Individual Vases + Hire of containers idea?s. 30 Mins
Long, low speakers table arrangement. 45 Mins
Trend setting ideas for a contemporary Top table. 45 Mins
Waterfall top table. 45 Mins
Basket arrangement. 30 Mins
Pedestal - Basic. 120 Mins
Topiea trees. 60 Mins
Contemporary Table Topiea / Hand tied table ideas. 30 Mins
Garland on foam - Commercial and Hand made. 45 Mins
Traditional Garland 15 Mins

Flower Arranging
To be placed onto the end of a seat at the function. 240 Mins
Building an archway
(Demonstration Only).
240 Mins
Pedestal. 240 Mins
Symmetrical arrangement (front facing). 240 Mins
Hospital locker arrangement. 240 Mins
Dining table long centre design. 240 Mins
Asymmetrical arrangement (L shape design). 240 Mins

European Designs
European Designs for beginners.
Principles of design.
Design Techniques.
Waterfall .
240 Mins

Advanced Workshops
Understanding the Principles of Master Designers.
German, Dutch & French Designers.
240 Mins

New Wave
Different approach to floral designs.
Understand the European principals & developing your skills.
240 Mins

Bridal Flowers


Edwardian Posy - Wired. 90 Mins
Carmon/Maimasion Rose bouquet. 60 Mins
Holder Posy 90 Mins
Shower / Simple but Commercial. 90 Mins
Bridal Principles of design. 90 Mins
Shower Bridal. 60 Mins
Semi crescent. 60 Mins
Crescent. 30 Mins
Brides-maid novelty Basket (cord). 60 Mins
Limited line Bouquet. 60 Mins
Principles of design. 60 Mins
Contemporary upright designs. 60 Mins
Contemporary crescent designs. 60 Mins



Ladies Spray Carnation. 30 Mins
Gents Carnation & Rose. 30 Mins
Rose Corsage and Gerbera. 20 Mins
Freesia. 20 Mins
Orchid. 15 Mins
Contemporary Designs. 20 Mins
Shoulder / European. 30 Mins

Cake Flowers
Wired. 45 Mins
Foam. 45 Mins

Accessory Flowers
Handbag. 30 Mins
Hat. 30 Mins
Book. 30 Mins
Wrist corsage. 30 Mins

Slide. 20 Mins
Alice Bands. 30 Mins
Decorative wire and stones. 30 Mins
Circlet. 45 Mins

Taking a Wedding Order
Wedding order requirements (Theory). 20 Mins
Fabric & flower identification. 15 Mins

Understanding the colour wheel. 15 Mins
Working with colours in floral designs. 15 Mins

Contract Orders
Organise and promote your
contract business.
15 Mins

Principles of Design
Understanding the principle of design (Theory). 30 Mins
Health and safety with in the shop. 30 Mins
Shop procedure / Security. 30 Mins

Window display
Theory. 15 Mins
Practical, Make up and breakdown. 15 Mins

Taking an exam
Hints and tips. 15 Mins
How and what to read in the question paper. 15 Mins
Drawing made exam easy. 15 Mins

Textured weaving presentation using wire frames as demonstrated by Master Tor Gunderson. 240 Mins
Wally Klett (working with wires) bridal ideas. 240 Mins
Gregor Lercsh design interpretations. 240 Mins